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Once a luminary in the realm of SA-MP roleplaying, Elkspirit, previously known as Dignity, embarked on a new odyssey after four years of sovereign rule over the biggest and last English roleplaying server on SA-MP (GTA Chronicles / SOLS).

Thus, Astral Clan was born – a sanctuary for gamers seeking camaraderie and respite after the toils of the day. What started as a modest community swiftly blossomed into a celestial gathering, uniting like-minded individuals. As the stars watched over them, Astral Clan expanded its cosmic influence, charting its course through the vastness of the gaming universe.

An origin marked by the pursuit of community, relaxation, and the shared love of gaming, Astral Clan continues to traverse the stars, fostering a haven for all who seek a celestial home in the gaming cosmos.


Astral Clan's mission transcends pixels and screens, aspiring to forge connections that outshine the pixels. Born from Elkspirit's vision, our goal is to be a celestial haven for gamers, transcending typical online interactions.

We seek to cultivate a diverse and welcoming community where members find genuine friendships. Whether conquering virtual realms or sharing life's triumphs, Astral Clan aims to be the constellation that binds gamers together. Our journey navigates beyond gaming, reaching for the stars of camaraderie, mutual respect, and shared experiences.

As we orbit through the cosmos of gaming culture, the goal remains clear – to be the guiding light for those seeking not just a gaming clan, but a family among the stars.


Our community etiquette acts as a radiant force, illuminating the path to inclusivity and camaraderie. Anchored in a commitment to friendliness, we've adopted a zero-tolerance policy for toxicity.

Within our celestial haven, every member orbits in an atmosphere of respect, understanding, and acceptance. The warmth of our interactions echoes far and wide, attracting diverse souls seeking refuge from the storm of online negativity. In this haven, differences are celebrated, and every gamer finds their place amidst the stars.

Our commitment to inclusivity not only fosters a supportive environment but acts as a gravitational force, drawing like-minded individuals to our cosmic fold.

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